Product Review: The Spatty

I remember hearing about this product a few years ago when it aired on Shark Tank. I thought it was a cool idea and wished I had thought of it but I didn’t run out and buy it. Recently, one of my favorite shades of Beautycounter Beyond Gloss was getting harder to apply but I still could see lots more product in the container. I recalled the Spatty and decided to give it a try!

I purchased the Spatty Beauty Bundle:

So far, I have been able to use the Spatty to get every last drop of my Beautycounter products! I use them in my skincare, for my foundation, concealer and lip glosses! I’m glad that I purchased the bundle because the long cosmetic spatula will fit into any size lotion container!

I was able to use my Creamy Concealer at up to 10 extra applications because of the Spatty!
(NOTE: in order to insert the Spatty, you need to remove the stopper from the bottle)
I’m currently using the 6″ Spatty to get every last drop out of my Skin Twin Foundation! It’s too good to waste!
Our All Bright Vitamin C Serum is quite possibly one my top faves and used daily! The 6″ Spatty helps me get every drop of goodness out of this bottle and makes me so happy!

Ready to start saving money with the Spatty? Guess what? I have a promo code that will save 20%!

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