Everyone deserves to know and trust the products they are putting on their skin every day. Beautycounter is leading the way in clean, safer beauty and skincare without sacrificing high-performance. Anyone can shop Beautycounter products online or at retail pop-up locations. As a Beautycounter client, you have an option to shop with a consultant who can help you find the best lineup for you (here’s where I come in)! I joined this company as a consultant in 2018 after discovering just how little the United States regulates cosmetic products sold in our country.

Does this surprise you? Because I was shocked to learn that brands I was using on myself and my kiddos, were not necessarily safe just because they were on the store’s shelf or website….I began to pour myself into ingredient screening and it was exhausting. Then a friend sent me some Beautycounter samples and helped me understand that Beautycounter was a brand I could TRUST.

So, are you wondering how to make the switch to safer products for yourself and/or your family? You have come to the right place! There are several places to start:

  1. Read this blog on where to start!
  2. Download the EWG app on your phone and start scanning your current cosmetics and see how they rate!
  3. Contact me and I am happy to help you with exactly what you need (Beautycounter is a great brand but there are others out there as well and I am happy to help you find what’s best for you)!
  4. Follow me on Instagram! I am always trying to share safer swaps in my stories and I frequently check/respond to direct messages there as well!