Switch to Safer Skincare: Where to Start

I will admit, before finding Beautycounter, I was a mama of 3 under the age of 6 and barely surviving. Skincare was the last thing I had time to think about by the time my head was hitting the pillow at night. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t even taking my makeup off at all…
If that is you right now, don’t stress! There IS a way to find skincare that is safer AND works for YOU….your schedule and your budget (without sacrificing high-performance).

  1. Figure out what your budget is (keep in mind most of our products are easily stretched out to last several months).
  2. Take the skincare quiz to find out which Beautycounter regimen is best suited for your skin’s needs (this will help you know what questions to ask yourself about your skin whether you choose Beautycounter or not).
  3. Reach out to me via Instagram DM, email or simply comment on this post if you want help choosing your products based on the skincare quiz.
  4. Always remember that you do not have to jump all in with a regimen, I can help you start with just a cleanser and/or moisturizer….you can work up towards adding more steps! It took me several months before I actually started using an entire skincare regimen.
  5. Beautycounter is my obvious first choice but if you want feedback on other brands, there’s a good chance I’ve tried it or can help you compare….reach out!

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